Uncle Jay Cat Sits

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Jay Ruiz - Cat Sitter | Owner

I've always had cats growing up as a child. My love for them has grown into my adulthood even more. I have a passion for learning and understanding all different types of animals. 

I have one cat of my own; I found Mavis in 2015 abandoned under an overpass. She has been at my side ever since. Whenever I have a free moment, you can find us cuddling on the sofa watching bird videos on Youtube. 

Kristin Jacques - Cat Sitter | Administrative Assistant 

I love animals! In addition to being a cat sitter, I work for Cat Town a local nonprofit cat rescue that helps find homes for Oakland's most at-risk shelter cats. I have three cats of my own; they mean the world to me!

On my downtime, I devote to traveling with my husband and taking acting classes in San Francisco. 

I look forward to taking care of your furry family members! 

Jennifer Benson | Cat Sitter

In the past ten years, I've been heavily involved with a Hopalong Animal Rescue, where I care for animals with medical needs, locate foster homes, and assist with adoption counseling. 

When my cat Piglet became deathly ill, the training I received at Hopalong was a tremendous help.  I was able to give my cat Piglet the necessary home care after being discharged from the emergency room. 

My clients appreciate my energy and see each clients' cat if they were my own. When I'm not cat sitting, I enjoy spending time at home with my feline friends. I can't wait to sharing cat pictures and stories with your family soon!