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Review prior to Scheduling a Meet & Greet and completing the Client Intake Form.

I acknowledge that providing care for cats involves certain inherent risks, including but not limited to: the potential escape of the cat(s), damage to property, serious injury, permanent disability, and death of the cat(s) from natural causes, actions of the cat(s), acts of other cats and actions of others. These risks may result from actions, inactions, negligence, and other unknown or reasonably foreseeable threats.

I understand that visit times are approximate and may change based on the needs of all cats under the care of Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. I entrust Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. and its staff to use their best judgment in caring for my cat(s), including, if necessary, arranging for a backup cat sitter to take over duties as outlined in this agreement. I agree to release Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. from liability for any consequences arising from such decisions.

I understand that cats are unpredictable and that Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. cannot be held responsible for mishaps such as administering medication, escaping, biting, eating, or destroying household items, damage to the home, or personal injury accidental death. If outdoor access is granted, Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. will try to return the cat home but cannot guarantee it. Food, water, and access to a litterbox will be provided outside unless otherwise instructed by the owner.

In inclement weather, natural disaster, or emergency, the designated cat sitter is entrusted to use their best judgment in caring for my cat(s). However, neither the cat sitter nor Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. shall be held responsible for any consequences of their decisions.

I agree that I shall be solely responsible for any acts and behavior of my cat(s) while in the care of Uncle, Jay Cat Sits L.L.C., including but not limited to damage to Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. property and injury to other animals or persons caused by my cat(s).

Furthermore, if my cat(s) bite or otherwise injure an Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. agent, I agree to pay all medical costs and lost wages incurred by the agent due to such injury.

I release Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C., its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, and agents from any liability for injury or illness suffered by my cat(s), other animals, or persons for my cat(s) escape, and any property damage. I also assume all of the preceding risks for damages related to my cat(s) or property: any injury, permanent disability, damage, or death.

I agree that I am responsible for any injury caused by any condition of my property. If a problem arises, such as a pipe rupture, flood, earthquake, fire, break-in, animal destroying furniture, etc., Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. will make every effort to contact me and follow my instructions. When immediate action is necessary for my cats' health, safety, or welfare(s),

I further agree to reimburse Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. for all expenses incurred for supply purchases, transportation to veterinary clinics, and mileage at the standard tax rate of $0.62 per mile.

I confirm that I have provided Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. with complete and accurate information regarding the medical and behavioral history of my cat(s). Additionally, I confirm that my cat(s) have not been exposed to rabies or distemper within the 30 days preceding the start of the cat-sitting services and that my cat(s) are current on all vaccinations.

This agreement applies to all current and future engagements of Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. for the care of my cat(s).

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