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I acknowledge and fully comprehend that cat care involves inherent risks, including but not limited to the potential escape of the cat(s), property damage, serious injury, permanent disability, and natural causes leading to the death of the cat(s). These risks encompass the acts of the cats themselves, the actions of other cats, and the behavior of individuals. Such risks may result from various factors, including action, inaction, or negligence, and there might be unforeseen risks beyond those explicitly stated here, including disability or death.

I am aware that visit times are approximate and subject to change based on the needs of all cats under the care of Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. I trust Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. and its staff to exercise their best judgment in caring for my cat(s), which may include arranging a backup cat sitter if necessary. I agree to absolve Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. of any liability for consequences arising from such decisions.

Recognizing the unpredictable nature of cats, I understand that Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. cannot be held responsible for incidents such as administering medication, escaping, biting, eating, or destroying property. Whether indoors or outdoors, if the cat has access, Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. will attempt to bring the cat home but cannot guarantee it. Food, water, and access to a litterbox will be left outside unless the owner provides specific instructions.

In adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, or emergencies, I acknowledge that the designated cat sitter will use their best judgment in caring for my cat(s). However, neither the cat sitter nor Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. shall be held responsible for the consequences of their decisions.

I agree to take sole responsibility for the behavior of my cat(s) while under the care of Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C., including any damage to the company's property and injury to other animals or individuals caused by my cat(s). If my cat(s) injures an Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. agent, I agree to cover all medical costs and lost wages resulting from such injury.

I release Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C., its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, and agents from any liability for injury or illness suffered by my cat(s), other animals, or individuals, as well as for my cat(s)' escape and any property damage. Additionally, I assume all preceding risks, including damages related to my cat(s) or property, such as injury, permanent disability, damage, or death.


Regarding property issues, I agree that I am responsible for any injuries caused by the condition of my property. If urgent action is required for my cats' health, safety, or welfare, I authorize Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. to make necessary repairs, with reimbursement agreed upon. I hold Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. harmless for any such repairs.

As the cat owner, I acknowledge that I am the actual owner of the cat(s), and by signing, I affirm the validity and binding nature of all statements in this agreement. I understand that this contract will be interpreted and governed by the laws of California.

I acknowledge the privacy expectations of Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. agents (sitters) in certain areas on my property, such as bathrooms or showers, where no recording devices will be placed. Additionally, no audio recording will occur in areas where sitters sleep during overnight care.

Regarding the agreement terms, I understand that Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. reserves the right to terminate this agreement if my cat(s) pose(s) a danger to their health or safety or others. In such cases, Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. will attempt to notify me immediately, and I authorize my cat(s) to be placed in a kennel, with all associated charges payable by me.

I agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. harmless from any losses, liabilities, damages, fines, penalties, and expenses arising from any breach of the representations, warranties, covenants, or duties contained in this agreement or resulting from damage or injury caused by my cats.

I understand the necessity of providing two working keys, one for backup and one for the primary cat sitter. I acknowledge the security measures taken by Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. in safeguarding keys and agree to the associated charges for key duplication. I understand that every customer receives a unique I.D. code for added security.

Regarding fees and cancellations, payment is due in full at the first scheduled visit, with additional charges for keys not left on file. Rates exclude a 10.25% county tax. All services, including feeding, litter box maintenance, mail collection, watering indoor plants, and security/property checks, are included, with messages and photos provided after each visit.

I authorize Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. to take/transport my cat(s) to a veterinary office of their choice, understanding that they cannot be held responsible for the results of veterinary treatment or the loss of my cats. I confirm that I have disclosed all known medical and behavioral history of my cat(s) and affirm that my cat(s) is/are current on all vaccinations.

This agreement is effective today and remains valid whenever Uncle Jay Cat Sits L.L.C. cares for my cats.

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