Q: How much in advance should I reserve my sit?

At least two weeks notice is appreciated. If we have a set of your keys, we can usually respond to requests and start cat care the same day if necessary. During the holidays I recommend you book at least one month in advance as demands are often high.

Q: Who will have access to my home and my keys?

Only the assigned cat sitter will have access to your keys. No one else. All keys are locked in metal fireproof lockbox when they are not in use and are never labeled with any address information.

Q: How often will you visit my home?

We offer once or twice a day visits based on the needs of the household.  Time frames are:

  • Morning visits: anytime between 8:30 am -12:00 pm

  • Afternoon/evening visits: anytime between 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

If your cat requires specific visit times due to dietary or medical needs, please add that information when scheduling your meet and greet. 

Q: Can I hide my keys outside for you?

Hiding keys outside presents liability and security issues for your cat and your home and also puts our cat sitter's safety at risk. It is not a good idea, but if you wish to hide your keys, I ask that you sign a limited liability release for my insurance carrier.

Q: Will you visit every other day instead of daily?

Uncle Jay offers nonsequential visits. However, cats can get into trouble quickly. Illnesses can also occur suddenly, and cats can become gravely ill very fast. I always recommend a daily visit, even if a friend or neighbor is also checking in.

Q: Someone else is also caring for my cat while I am away. Is this ok?

It’s always best to have one person caring for your cat so signs of illness can be recognized; eating and litter activity are still clues to a cat’s state of health. Also, liability issues come into play when others are sharing responsibility for your cat and your home. If someone else will be coming, we ask that you sign a limited liability release.

Q: Why do I need to check in when I return home?

We accept messages 24 hours a day, so no time is too late to text. I don’t just assume you are back; there are times when people are delayed and unable to contact us to let us know to continue visiting, especially when traveling internationally. Likewise, should you become ill or hospitalized while you are away, reaching us to extend your sit would be the last thing on your mind. If you don’t check in within 24-hours of our previous visit to your cat (12 hours if twice-a-day medications are involved), I will attempt to contact you. If I cannot reach you, I will do another visit. Clients are responsible for the additional visit, even if you are home but did not check in. 

Q: Why do you charge a fee for shopping trips?

If your cat runs out of supplies, we will gladly get more. However, since a shopping trip takes as much time (or more) than a cat visit, and since I will be paying for your supplies initially, a supply pickup fee of $30.00, plus the cost of the items, to compensate your cat sitter for his/her time. It’s best to prepare to avoid this fee when possible, especially at holiday time when we are booked from early morning through late into the evening, and lines at the stores are extra long.

Q: How can I pay? How can I add gratuity?

A PayPal invoice is sent a few days before you leave. You are welcome to include gratuity when paying your invoice.

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