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 My services include the following:

  • Feeding: I provide regular and customized feeding schedules to meet your cat's dietary needs.

  • Litter Box Maintenance: I'll maintain a clean and fresh litter box environment for your cat's comfort.

  • Mail Collection: I'll collect your mail to keep your home organized and secure while you're away.

  • Plant Watering: Rest assured, I'll water your plants and ensure they thrive during your absence.

  • Property Checks: I conduct regular property checks to ensure everything is in order and provide an added layer of security.

Service Area

Albany, Berkeley, EL Cerrito

Medical Care

Provide all the above and administer medication as instructed by the client and veterinarian. I am skilled in pilling, subQ fluids, injections, and wound care. CPR and pet first aid certified. Fear Free Certified Pet Sitter.

Overnight (Client home) 

Providing all the above, including medical care if needed. Unlimited play and snuggle time. 9 pm to 7 am. Minimum three nights, maximum ten nights. Not available during holiday periods; see below for dates. 

Stay Informed with Visit Updates and Photos

I understand how important it is to stay connected with your furry companions. After each visit, I'll send you personalized visit updates and delightful photos of your cats. This way, you'll be fully informed about their well-being and all the adorable moments they experience.


Convenient Payment and Key Management

To streamline your experience, I request payment in full at the first scheduled visit. All clients are given access to a client portal. There, clients can order services and make payments online. You may leave your keys on file for your convenience. Alternatively, if you prefer to have your keys returned later, a return/pick-up charge of $27.50 will apply for each exchange. 


Forty-eight hours (non-peak) or seven days (peak holidays, see below) before the first scheduled visit. No credits or refunds for unused visits resulting from early returns or same-day cancellations will be provided.


Holiday Periods & Surcharge

$12.00 per visit is subject to the holiday surcharge:

Martin Luther King Day

Presidents Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend (Saturday to Monday)


Independence Day

Labor Day weekend (Saturday to Monday)

Indigenous People's Day

Veterans Day weekend

Thanksgiving (Thursday to Saturday)

Christmas Day

New Year's Eve and Day

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